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John knows one of the most important jobs of any elected official is ensuring our community and its residents are safe. 

If elected, he will work with our first responders to ensure they have the resources they need and they partner with community organizations to develop effective strategies for reducing crime, getting to the root cause of violence, and ensuring all of our communities are healthy and safe.

Boston Fire

  • Firefighters put their lives on the line for us every day, and it’s important that they have access to the latest and best safety gear available. If elected, John is committed to working with Boston’s Fire Department to modernize our firehouses and ensure our firefighters have the resources they need to safely and appropriately respond to calls for help.

Boston Police

  • Every community deserves safe, secure streets where individuals and families can grow and thrive. If elected, John is committed to working with police and community leaders to create a multifaceted, coordinated public safety plan that puts community policing first. He will support increased investments in community-focused public safety programs and other initiatives that help reduce crime and get to the root cause of violence.

Boston EMS

  • Boston Emergency Medical Service personnel are responsible for responding to some of the most extreme and difficult situations imaginable, yet they are often undervalued and under-resourced. If elected, John will ensure that our EMT’s have the tools and training they need to respond effectively and compassionately to all types of medical emergencies, especially those involving individuals with mental health or addiction issues. 

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