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The lack of affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues facing our city today. In recent years we have seen rent and home prices soar, making the ability to own a home unattainable for so many. In addition, we have seen those who already own homes struggling as well, especially our older residents, as a result of the ever-rising cost of property taxes and other home-owning expenses.

If elected, John will fight to keep housing affordable for renters and homeowners alike.

Create More Sustainable Pathways To Homeownership.

  • John will push for investments in our first-time homebuyer programs. These programs offer the opportunity to first-time buyers, many of whom would not be able to purchase their first homes, the opportunity to do so by qualifying to make a below-average down payment upon purchase and lower their monthly mortgage rates.

Push To Build More Housing.

  • To deal with our shortage of affordable housing, John believes we first need to plan, then build, for the realities of our residents. This means pushing for the development of all types of housing, with a focus on affordability to ensure everyone, regardless of their income, has increased access to the market and a pathway to homeownership. He will ensure the city prioritizes the development of new housing to meet the growing demand, especially multi-bedroom housing that we desperately need. At the same time, John understands that different communities have different needs. If elected, he will also work to guarantee that residents have more say regarding the proposed projects and that the development process is not a one-size-fits-all neighborhood system.

Supporting Existing Homeowners.

  • John believes wholeheartedly that in addition to creating more access and opportunity for those looking to buy a home, we also must help current homeowners, many of whom have been increasingly burdened by the ever-rising cost of property taxes and other home-owning expenses. If elected, John will explore ways to curb the increasing property taxes for our residents to help keep families and aging residents in the home and neighborhoods they love.

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