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As a husband to a public school teacher and a father to two Boston Public School students, with a third to attend in the coming years, John understands how important it is to invest in our education system and ensure that every child can attend a safe, stable, and high-quality school to receive the education they deserve.

If elected, John will fight for increased resources and investments in our schools while ensuring parents always have a seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education.

Fight for Increased Investments.

  • Ensuring our schools are fully funded and that our kids have the opportunity to receive the best education possible is the best investment we can make in our future. If elected, John will work to secure additional sources of investment from the state and local levels which will help to modernize classrooms, ensure our teachers have the resources they need, and our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue their dreams.

Push for Better School Facilities.

  • Decades of disinvestment from the state and federal government have created major deficiencies in the quality of our school buildings. With an aging infrastructure, the conditions of BPS facilities have exacerbated inequities in the school assignment process. Our current school building plan has only addressed the overdue necessary improvements and not the major renovations promised to families and school communities.

Establish Universal Child Care and Early Education

  • There is a childcare shortage in Boston, and while we have made great strides in recent years toward universal pre-k, much work remains to be done. If elected, John will work to leverage community partnerships, City investments, federal block grants, and development funds to ensure we are able to offer truly universal child care and early education to all children in Boston ages 0 to 5. 

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