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As someone who has spent 17 years working at Boston City Hall, John knows that a City councilor' job is not only to focus on big-picture issues but also on the essential services that make our city run. 

If elected, John will always be committed to ensuring residents have access to the resources and basic city services they need for everyday life.

Prioritize Investments In Our Cities' Infrastructure

  • Our city infrastructure is in desperate need of attention, and if elected, John will ensure we are taking steps to both improve existing infrastructure and invest in new projects that will benefit everyone. He will work to ensure our streets are cleaned, our roads are repaired, and our parks and recreational facilities are well-maintained and can be enjoyed by all residents.

Increase Access To Public Transportation

  • It is no secret that our public transportation system has been failing us for years and requires much-needed investments. If elected, John will work with members of our state and federal delegations, along with the MBTA, to ensure we are securing the funding necessary to create a transportation system that is truly reliable and accessible to everyone.  

Expand Services for Older Residents

  • John believes it is essential that both our policies and planning should include measures that make our city welcoming, accessible, and inclusive of our aging residents. If elected, he will work to expand city programs that provide the elderly with access to healthcare, recreational activities, and other forms of necessary support, providing them with opportunities to stay engaged with their local communities.

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