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Between the Harbor Islands and the over seven miles of coastline snaking through the shores of District 3, our communities are among those most harmed by the impacts of climate change. We see this every time there is an unprecedented storm surge and parts of Gallivan Boulevard overflow, or on days when extreme heat produces an urban heat island effect and emphasizes our need for expanded tree canopy. And what's worse, any failure to address these realities head-on comes with a price tag--with projected economic losses of over $100 million in Dorchester alone.

In order to address these critical issues, we need a leader who is prepared to build a sustainable and resilient District 3 for generations to come. If elected, John will advocate for comprehensive solutions that both center the experiences of District 3 residents and meet the moment of our climate crisis.

Push for Climate Action and Renewable Energy

  • Under state law, Massachusetts is required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 dramatically. As we work collectively to meet that goal, District 3 residents, energy industry laborers, and environmental advocates deserve a leader who will consider their input on the City Council. John will work to ensure that the city's transition to renewable energy sources includes a heightened focus on homeowner engagement, job training, and cross-sector participation. Investing in clean energy infrastructure with an eye toward grid resilience can significantly reduce our carbon footprint while creating new job opportunities in our community.

Protect our Coastline

  • Under current projections, Dorchester is expected to assume 36 inches of sea level rise by 2070. The harm associated with extreme weather events and coastal flooding is increasingly hard felt by residents across District 3. If elected, John will be a fierce advocate for implementing coastal protection tools–from flood pathways to sea walls to green spaces designed to absorb excess water. John will also emphasize incorporating storm and climate preparedness outreach to those in the community, so everyone from school administrators to business owners to homeowners feel supported with city resources. These steps will help protect vulnerable neighborhoods, strengthen the resilience of our communities, and preserve the natural beauty of our precious coastline.

Invest in Sustainable Infrastructure

  • To create a truly sustainable city, we must invest in resilient infrastructure that can withstand the challenges posed by climate change. If elected, John will work towards implementing smart urban planning strategies that prioritize green infrastructure projects such as urban gardens, bike paths, and renewable energy installations. John will also use this lens when faced with issues regarding the sustainability of our transportation infrastructure and public school buildings. These initiatives not only enhance our quality of life but also create jobs and save taxpayer dollars.

Prioritize Environmental Justice

  • Every resident of Boston deserves access to clean air, water, and green spaces. From noise and diesel pollution from the I-93 beltway to Dorchester’s markedly higher asthma rates, we must recognize disproportionate harm where it exists and work to better the environment for our most vulnerable populations. If elected, John will fight tirelessly for environmental justice by addressing environmental disparities in low-income communities and neighborhoods of color. This means working towards equitable distribution of resources, improving waste management systems, and actively engaging our most-impacted residents in relevant decision-making processes.

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